Single vs Double vs King Size Bed – Which Should You Sleep In?

As a child, you’ll almost certainly have spent every night sleeping in a single bed, however as you grew into your teens, there’s a good chance you’ll have persuaded your parents to give in and buy you a double! Once in your own home, there’s a chance that you have even have decided to opt for a king size bed! Some love the space whilst others are happier in something a little smaller.

If you’re planning on buying a new bed, however (complete with pillows, a duvet, a mattress topper and a new bedding set) there’s a very good chance you’re wondering whether it’s time to get a bigger bed.

When it comes to getting a great night’s sleep each and every night, size does matter and, as such, here’s our very own guide to choosing the right size.


Toddler Beds

Whilst only applicable to those with kids (and young ones at that), it’s often warmly welcomed by little ones to go into a toddler bed before going into a single. Toddler beds bridge the gap between a cot and single bed and give young ones a bit more room without giving them too much! Perfect for kids between the ages of one and three, if your little one is waking up in the night after sleeping through for months, it is time to consider whether they’ve got enough space to move around comfortably whilst they sleep.

A common question asked by parents is whether or not their child should be given their own pillow once they go into their own big bed and the simple answer is that there’s no problem giving your little one a pillow as long as they’re over the age of one. Check out our Silentnight Anti Allergy Cot Bed Pillow as the perfect first pillow for your little one in their big bed.


Single Beds

Single beds are perfect for slightly older children or for those who sleep on their own and either have a small room (something often experienced by students) or simply prefer a smaller bed. A single bed offers a great longer term solution for children as it’ll last well into their teens as well as being perfect for use in guest bedrooms, especially if you invest in a good quality one such as this Rimini  bed.

Dimensions: 90cm x 190cm

Alongside your brand new single bed, why not take the time to browse our collection of single duvets, single bedding sets, single mattress toppers and single mattress protectors? There’s nothing like having your new bed fully kitted out with brand new bedding!

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Double Beds

Most couples sleep in a double bed as it’s the perfect size for two people to snuggle up whilst still having their own space. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they’re not the right choice for individuals who want to sprawl out and have a bit more space! For couples, however, it’s worth noting that a double isn’t as spacious as many like, especially if you both like your space. For many, however, it’s perfect, especially if the bedroom doesn’t allow for anything bigger.

Dimensions: 135cm x 190cm

If you opt for a double bed, don’t forget to treat yourself to a double mattress topper to prolong the life of your mattress! It’s surprising to many just how much of a difference a topper can make not just to prolonging the life but also to the comfort, especially if you opt for a super comfortable double memory foam mattress topper.

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King Size Beds

For those who want a luxuriously large bed, you simply can’t beat a king size! Known in the USA as a ‘Queen’ and in Japan as a ‘Wide Double,’ king size beds are perfect if both you and your partner love having enough space to move about whilst sleeping. Due to the extra length when compared to a double (you’d be surprised what a difference 10cm makes), if you or your partner are taller than 190cm…opt for a king!

Dimensions: 150cm x 200cm

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a king size memory foam mattress topper or any from our range of king size mattress toppers and protect with one of our affordable yet quality king size mattress protectors.

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Super King Beds

For those taller people among us and those who like an extraordinary amount of space to themselves, there is such thing as a super king bed which, believe it or not, is even bigger than a king size! If you’ve got a family, the kids will love the extra large bed as well however be careful or you’ll end up with little ones sleeping between you! At least there will be the space in a super king!

Dimensions: 180cm x 200cm

Don’t forget to check out our range of super king mattress toppers and super king duvets and ensure you get a great night’s sleep each and every night!

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