Sleep On Your Left Side to Show Your Body Some Love


Do you sleep on your stomach? Or on your back? Your sleeping habits could be negatively affecting your health!

Most of us choose our sleeping position based on what feels the most comfortable, but it turns out we should probably be giving it a bit more thought.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to all of us, and we are constantly researching best practices and sleep hacks to get it just right.

Some people even get paid quite a lot of money to take part in sleep studies at a lab, as scientists are always striving to learn more and more about what happens to us as we sleep, and what can affect us getting a good night’s rest.

There are lots of tips for things we should or should not do before we snooze, from avoiding using mobile phones, to drinking herbal tea.

But how much thought do we give the direction we face once we are actually tucked in? Which side should we be sleeping on?


Give sleeping on your left side a try 

As Beyonce would say, the answer is “to the left”.

According to recent studies, it turns out sleeping on our left side is the key to promoting optimum health and wellness.


It’s good for your neck and back

Sleeping on the left side is supposed to put the least pressure on your spine.

Sleeping on your back can be bad news for your hips and upper back, and sleeping on your front can cause neck and lower back strain.


Helpful for relieve snoring and breathing problems

If you or your partner are disturbed by snoring, or if you feel congested and stuffy at night, sleeping on your left side will help relieve these issues.

It does so by allowing optimum airflow to your lungs, and preventing your tongue obstructing your breathing by lolling to the back of your throat.

With any luck, if you can persuade your partner to switch to sleeping on their left side, you won’t be kept up at night by their snoring anymore. Definitely worth a try, right?


Reduces heartburn and aids digestive health

Sleeping on your right hand side can make the symptoms of heartburn worse, but if you sleep on your left instead it can actually reduce acid reflux.

Also, due to the layout of the intestines, sleeping on your left side can also aid natural digestive flow, helping your body to process food waste more quickly. Because food can get from A to B quicker, this helps avoid the pain and discomfort of constipation. Lovely.


Recommended for pregnant women

Expecting mothers are advised to sleep on the left to encourage healthy blood flow, which increases the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta.

Plus, all of the other benefits such as minimising back pain will be a big relief for pregnant women!

So there you have it – plenty of reasons to sack off star fishing and give sleeping on your left a try tonight!