Sleep Your Way To Healthier Hair & Skin

There is a whole industry that has been created to address people’s insecurities about how healthy their skin and hair looks. Meanwhile, the secret to having actually healthy skin and hair may well be found beyond the beauty counter – in the land of nod.

That is, sleep is one of the most effective ways to boost your beauty, and better yet, not only is it entirely free but it is also something which we all do. Hence, it is worth understanding, and more it is necessary to understand the role sleep plays and havoc poor sleep can play with one’s complexion and hair.


Be Sure To Get Your 8 Hours…

Denying oneself a full night of sleep is not just inadvisable if you want a radiant complexion in the long term; the negative effects take hold the first morning you rise having gotten too few Z’s. This is because sleep plays an integral role in maintaining good blood circulation. Hence, if you skimp on sleep do not be surprised if in the morning you look (and feel) rather pallid and grey.

Further, because blood flow is a component integral to the production of growth hormones that result in collagen production and adequate sleep is integral to maintaining good circulation, going without sleep can more long-term compromise and prevent your body from replenishing itself and reduce the amount of collagen you produce.


As most people are aware these days, and the beauty industry has been quick to exploit, collagen is a very important protein produced by mammals which plays a detrimental role in maintaining both healthy skin and hair.  Consequently, those who produce less collagen can expect to very literally bear the results in the form of tired and lacklustre looking skin and hair. In worst cases and over prolonged periods lower levels of collagen production can even cause permanent wrinkles.

Therefore, to save yourself some money otherwise destined to be spent on beauty products promising to give you glowing hair and skin and feel as great as you will look, the secret may well be to simply get a good night’s sleep.