Sleepy People’s 2015 Fathers Day Gift Guide

Whose Dad doesn’t love to sleep?! If you’re struggling to know what to buy your dad for Father’s Day this year (Sunday 21st June for those of you who had forgotten), we thought we could help! Bedding and sleep accessories could well be the perfect gift for your Dad who loves his bed and with a great range of products on offer, we struggled to pick our selection! We managed in the end, however, and are pleased to share with you our top 5 suggestions for your considerations on what to buy Dad!


1. Sound Asleep Original Speaker Pillow

Priced at just £8.99, the Sound Asleep original speaker pillow remains the very best speaker pillow on the market. Complete with a luxurious hollowfibre filling, this Sound Asleep pillow contains an undetectable speaker within it, alongside a 3.5mm connector to plug into your favourite device (from your iPhone to your TV, radio or even your laptop), meaning Dad will be able to listen to his favourite music, audio book or even a film without disturbing Mum’s sleep! There’ll be no need for headphones (which are uncomfortable to sleep with) and because you can’t feel the speaker, he won’t even know it’s there when he’s not needing it.

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2. Sound Asleep Large Mp3 Speaker Blanket – Navy

If Dad loves lounging around at the weekend or simply loves to relax listening to his favourite music then the Sound Asleep MP3 blanket could be the perfect gift! Even if your dad is a little older, it’s the perfect way for him to keep warm whilst unwinding to the radio. Essentially, this great product is a giant fleece blanket with sleeves and a hood, containing two removable speakers within and a 3.5mm jack plug which connects to most music sources including iPhones, iPods and MP3 players. Would your Dad love this? We think so!

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3. Silentnight Sleepzone Anti-Snore Pillow

Does your Dad have a nasty habit of keeping your Mum awake all night due to his persistent snoring? We thought so! After all, most Dad’s snore don’t they? If so, the perfect present for him this Father’s Day could be this fantastic anti-snore pillow from Silentnight which has been specifically designed to help prevent snoring. It actually works and if nothing else, your Mum will thank you for it! In short, it works by offering better support to the head and neck to encourage better breathing and reduce snoring. He’ll get a better night’s sleep and so will everyone else in the house!

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4. Sealy Zonal Support Pillow – 340gms 

The Sealy Zonal Support Pillow could be the perfect gift for your Dad if he suffers from back and neck pain given that it has been specially designed with a tubular foam insert at the base for a gentle neck support. This is the ultimate in luxury comfort and almost guarantees your Dad to get a great nights sleep each and every night! It’s the ideal pillow for side sleepers, which coincidentally is the most popular way to sleep, so be sure to check how he sleeps before you buy! Ask your Mum if you’re unsure!

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5. Rest Assured Softened Goose Feather Mattress Topper 

Last but not least, our last suggestion on what to buy your Dad for Father’s Day this month is the luxurious Rest Assured Softened Goose Feather Mattress Topper. This will ensure that Dad (and Mum) get a great sleep each and every night and that they don’t need to replace their mattress to achieve it! This luxurious mattress topper is made with a pure cotton cover which keeps you a warm and cosy throughout the night, offering something to look forward to when getting into bed! Even if he’s recently replaced his mattress, nothing beats the comfort offered by a luxury feather topper and this comes out top trumps as our favourite!

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