So Many Sleep Statistics You Might Just Fall Asleep!

sleep-statisticsSleep Cycle, a popular app for smartphone users has been helping people wake up at the end of their lightest sleep cycle. The theory behind this is that when we have completed a light sleep cycle, we will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. 

As well as helping its user wake up happy, the sleep cycle app has been gathering data about nearly one million of its users all around the globe, making users of the app entrants into possibly the world’s largest sleep survey. This compiled data has been revealed and gives us an insight to how differently we sleep around the world.

So who are the world champions of sleep?

Well, certainly not the United Kingdom – we’re way down the list in 44th place. The Sleep cycle app doesn’t just measure the amount of time spent sleeping, it also measures the quality of our sleep. The app does this by measuring how we cycle between light and deep sleep. A complete sleep cycle lasts around 90 minutes. Moving between light and deep sleep more frequently than this indicates and irregular, broken sleep pattern.

Coming out on top of the world league table for sleep quality was Slovakia, closely followed by China.


Other sleep stats revealed by the app

As you may have guessed from the title of this blog post, there’s a huge amount of statistical data that has been provided by the app. You can find a much more in-depth analysis of the data in this article on the Daily Mail website.

Some sleep stats that may surprise you include:

  • Americans wake up the grumpiest on a Tuesday!
  • The day the UK is most likely to get a lie-in is Saturday
  • The UK’s best night’s sleep is Wednesday – in terms of sleep quality
  • Unsurprisingly the world’s day to be earliest out of bed is a Monday
  • The nation spending the most time asleep is Finland (though not achieving the best sleep quality


How does the app work and where can I get it?

The app works by using the accelerometer on your smartphone to track how well you are sleeping. To do this you need to leave your mobile phone underneath your pillow so that it can track your movements in bed. 

You can find out much more about how the app works on its dedicated website You’ll also find links there to download the app for Apple and Android smartphones.


Other ways your smartphone can help you sleep

If you like to fall asleep with some of your favourite music playing there’s another way you can employ your smartphone (or any mp3 player). The Sound Asleep Pillow has a speaker buried deep inside its hollow-fibre filling. Simply connect your smartphone to the pillow and you’ll be able to enjoy music as you fall asleep without having to wear headphones. The great thing about the sound asleep pillow is that only you will be able to hear the music from your pillow, meaning that you will not disturb your sleep partner. 


Whether you’re a fan of smartphone technology or not, we’ll sign off by wishing you a great night’s sleep.