Summer Sleep Tips

Lifestyle_Duvet-158-1600x1600Getting a great night’s sleep in summer can be a real challenge. The extra warm nights with little fresh air can make it a challenge to get off to sleep and even more difficult to stay asleep once there. Whilst we’re not at the peak of the summer temperatures yet, we thought this would be the ideal time to post an article with some summer sleep tips.

Summer Duvets

If you’re still using one duvet for all seasons, we highly recommend that you give a lower Tog rated duvet a try. When we fall off to sleep our core body temperature drops by around 1 degree. Being able to help the body cool down accelerates the speed at which we fall off to sleep. Using a lighter summer duvet certainly helps with this.

Typically a 7.5 Tog duvet is perfectly adequate for early summer and on really warm nights you’ll feel the benefit of having a duvet of around 4.5 Tog duvet. During these warm night’s the lighter duvets prevent you from getting too warm and so reduce the amount you toss and turn to seek out a cooler part of the bed.


Cooler Pillows

Equally as important as a lightweight summer duvet for helping you to sleep in summer is a cooler pillow. Latex Pillows have a honeycomb ventilated construction that allows air to flow through the pillow helping you to breathe easily and stay cool. Latex pillows have a similar feel to memory foam pillows but if anything, respond even quicker to support you when you move.

If you prefer holllowfibre pillows, you’ll find a choice of cooler pillows that are perfect for summer comfort. The Silentnight Fresh Flow Pillows are covered with a super-soft and cool microfibre and are filled with a multi-hole hollowfibre filling that allows better air flow. Fitted with a soft cotton cover, the Snug Temperature Control Pillow 2 Pack is built with to be cool and breathable for summer comfort.


Cotton Bedding Sets

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into a bed when it’s made with smooth and  cool cotton like the Jeff Banks Clerkenwell Bedding Set. Being a natural material, cotton bedding is the ideal choice for allergy sufferers, especially those with dust based allergies.


Blackout Curtains

Our final recommendation for a great sleep in summer is to use blackout curtains to restrict the amount of light in your bedroom during the early hours of the morning. At the peak of summer, it is already light by around 4am, which coincidentally is the time of night when we enter our deepest phase of sleep. Waking up at this hour because it’s too light in our room will make it difficult to get back to sleep and can leave us feeling groggy all day.


We hope you found our summer sleep tips helpful. If you have a favourite sleep tip that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear it. Why not add your summer sleep tips to this blog in a comment.