Ten Spring Cleaning Hacks For The Bedroom

We’re well and truly in the midst of spring cleaning season, a time of year that fills some of us with dread, but that others actively look forward to.

Here at Sleepy People, the bedroom is our favourite room in the house, so we’ve put together ten of our favourite tips for keeping it spick and span this spring without having to shell out on an arsenal of expensive cleaning products.

Hopefully after reading these simple, cheap tips and tricks, your previously messy bedroom will be left feeling more like a sanctuary without leaving you out of pocket.


Fold and stack clothes vertically instead of horizontally

After spending your whole life stacking clothes up on top of one another, it may seem like heresy to suggest another way, but trust us, it makes sense!

Storing your clothes vertically, almost like a filing cabinet, makes it much easier to flick through and find what you’re after.

It also means your garments are less likely to wind up getting creased.

For more detailed instructions on how to fold your clothes to do this, and an idea of how it works, check out this post from All You.


Keep your bedding in pillowcases

It’s all well and good buying one of our gorgeous bedding sets, but over time they can get mixed up, and it can be difficult to keep it all organised.

One super easy hack is to fold up all the sheets and keep them inside the pillowcases that they go with.

This way everything is all kept neatly together, and you can tell at a glance which sheets are kept where.

Use a window squeegee to deal with pet hair

Anyone with a cat or dog will know just how much of a problem pet hair can be. And it’s not just a case of whipping out the vacuum, as pet hair can sometimes become embedded in the carpet.

One trick to think about is taking one of those squeegees you’d usually use for cleaning windows to rake up the hair. Rubber gloves should also have the same effect.

Finish up with a quick blast from the vacuum and your bedroom should be hair free! Just make sure you give the squeegee a good clean before using it on the windows or shower!


Clean the TV with a coffee filter

TV screens easily pick up a variety of stains over time, and require relatively regular cleaning.

If you don’t fancy heading to the shops for a pack of those special cleaning wipes for your TV (or another other LCD) screen, did you know that coffee filters do the same job?

They pick up all the dust off the screen without damaging it or leaving behind any fibres.


Learn how to properly fold a sheet

You might think this sounds pretty straightforward, but there is an efficient way to fold your fitted sheets.

If you find you easily wind up with creases and lines all over your bedding, follow these tips from Real Simple, who show you how to fold a sheet in four simple steps.


Use vacuum packs to store bulky clothes

Without wishing to jinx anything, we’re hoping that we should very soon be reaching the point where we won’t be needing out winter clothes until next year!

However, this does leave the issue of where to store these big bulky items. One solution is to buy a simple vacuum pack.

This saves space and means you can shove those winter clothes away until winter sadly rolls around again.


Use vinegar to clean the blinds

If you have horizontal blinds in your bedroom, there’s a quick and easy way to clean them without having to take them down and properly scrub them that we were told about by UK Blinds and Shadings.

Simply create a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, stick an old (but relatively clean!) sock on your hand and run it over the blinds.

The vinegar should take care of any build-up of grease and grime and leave them looking brand new.


Use an iron to remove carpet stains

Over time your carpet will accumulate all sorts of stains from seemingly out of nowhere.

One easy trick to remove them involves making a solution similar to the blinds trick. This time mix three parts of water with one part of vinegar, and spray over the stains.

Then place a damp rag over the stain, and simply iron the stain out (for no longer than 30 seconds).

When you take the rag off, the stain should come right off with it! Check this post from Apartment Therapy for more info.


Clean window sills with vinegar and cotton buds

Window sills can be tricky, especially when you consider all the easy to miss spots like the tracks that windows slide open on.

Fear not though, dip some cotton buds in white vinegar and swab away at all those hard to reach areas.

Keep some paper towels handy to wipe everything dry afterwards.

This post on First Home Love Life goes into more detail on how to use this method.


Clean your mattress with vodka

As much as we hate to waste vodka, it’s a great tool for cleaning your mattress. Simply pour some in a spray bottle, add some essential oil and spray lightly on the offending areas of the mattress.

Then all you have to do is leave the mattress to air. Just make sure that you don’t change the sheets while it’s airing, and maybe give it another blast if the stains are being stubborn.


Some of these tips may seem a little unorthodox, but they could save you a lot of effort and money on your spring cleaning this year!