The Bedtime Habits of Unsuccessful People


Here on the Sleepy People blog, we often strive to bring you information and actionable tips to help improve your bedtime and morning routines, in order to have the most productive days possible.

However, it is all well and good knowing how to improve your routine, but what bad habits should you be kicking in the process?

As it happens, there are plenty, so here’s some of the worst bedtime habits of unsuccessful people.



Taking tech into the Bedroom

One of the biggest dangers to bedtime routines in recent years has been the unrelenting urge to have laptops, smartphones and tablets in bed with us.

It is now well documented that the blue light emitted by these devices can really mess with our eyes and our body clocks, potentially tricking the brain into thinking it is experiencing daylight and ultimately making us feel more awake.

By removing all of these distractions from the bedroom, your body finds it easier to shut down because it better understands what time of the day it is. To read more about the dangers of blue light, take a look at this interesting post from Harvard Medical School. 



Neglecting Hygiene

Generally, unsuccessful people struggle to organise a structured routine and a big part of anyone’s is making sure we look after our hygiene.

Above all else, if you can’t take care of yourself, then you are going to struggle to succeed in any other part of life.

Giving your evenings or mornings structure with showers, baths and even little things like brushing your teeth twice a day ca make a big difference.



Having a Nightcap

It is widely believed that having a couple of alcoholic drinks before bed can help us relax and enjoy a pleasant deep sleep.

However, while it may help us off to the land of nod a little quicker, things only go downhill once we get there.

As explained in this Huffington Post article, alcohol disrupts a stage of sleep called REM, one of the deepest stages which helps us consolidate memories and is vital in giving us a good night’s rest.

Ultimately, alcohol can quite seriously disturb our sleep, one of the reasons we feel so terrible after having one beer or glass of wine too many.

Choosing to have a nightcap can actually have the opposite effect to what you expect, so try to avoid it as your daily routine.



Enjoying Late Night-Snacks

Snacking close to bedtime is one of the most classic bedtime bad habits. Sleep is all about refreshing and restoring our bodies for the following day ahead.

However, deciding to eat close to the time you go to sleep can disrupt this restoration because your body has to focus on digesting the food instead.

Sugary snacks are thought to be the worst, not just because of the digestion required, but because of the rush of energy they give us, something which is far from ideal when trying to get to sleep.



Breaking Routines at Weekends

Another mistake which less successful people tend to make is massively deviating from their sleep routine once the weekend rolls around.

It is entirely understandable that you might have a few later nights across the weekend, you’ve got to enjoy your weekends!

However, the big mistake is attempting to “make up” for the lack of sleep by having a massive lie in. This really messes with your circadian rhythm, in other words, your body clock.

Breaking your circadian rhythm not only disrupts your sleep but also limits brain activity which is responsible for hormone production and cell regeneration.



If you are able to shake off or avoid any of these habits then you will be much better positioned to be productive in your everyday life, be it professional or personal.