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While back pain is most often associated with persons of an older age, it is certainly something which can affect anyone.

It may be true that over time the sheer trials and tribulations of life may lead to back pain in old age, younger people too can develop it through injuries, accidents or particularly strenuous lines of work.

Another reason that could cause harm to the health of a persons back is their mattress. Similarly, pillows like mattresses have a life cycle, at the end of which they become less effective, and therefore less supportive to your body when you are asleep.

The common life span of a mattress is seven years, following this time it can collapse in certain areas or become lumpy and unsupportive.

Obviously in an ideal world we would all buy a new mattress in plenty of time so as to not risk any harm to our backs, however realistically it is an expense we can’t all afford in order to consistently replace.

However, there is a more cost effective way of ensuring you get all the support and comfort you need without splashing out on a fresh mattress, and that is by buying a mattress topper.


What are they?

Unsurprisingly, they are just what they sound like. Mattress toppers are essentially a thick piece of material for you to put on top of your mattress and under your sheets.

This puts a good amount of comfortable material between you and your potentially aging mattress and ensures you a more comfortable nights’ sleep.


Types of Mattress Topper

Much in the same way you get different pillows and different variations of mattresses, there are a number of different mattress toppers, giving you the option to choose your favoured or need type of material or support. 


These include:

Each of these different fillings offers a certain amount of support as well as other specific characteristics such as durability or added warmth.


Goose Feather

Goose feather fillings are widely regarded as the more luxurious option of natural fillings, this applies across the board, be it mattress toppers, pillows or duvets.

Goose feather-filled mattress toppers are great for a number of reasons. First of all, if you are looking to buy a mattress topper you are doing so because you want to prolong the life of your current mattress.

You would hope then, that the mattress topper is itself pretty durable, and there is few tougher and with a good lifespan than a goose feather mattress topper.

Goose feathers are among the warmest and naturally softest fillings on the market. They hold heat very well, making those winter evenings that little bit more bearable and cosy, instead of lying in a stiff, spring filled mattress.

Featured Product: Rest Assured Softened Goose Feather Mattress Topper

This particular goose feather filled mattress topper does all of the above and for a very reasonable price.

This great topper from Rest Assured also has a 100% cotton cover, providing as much comfort as you can possibly get from an all natural combination.

For Your Back: Being brilliantly soft and durable, this offers plenty of support, especially if your current mattress feels a bit too firm.


Anti Allergy

When it comes to buying a mattress topper to aid your back troubles, your first thought might not be to Anti Allergy fillings.

While they of course are created to protect the owner from dust mites and the nasty bacteria they might bring along with them, they too can be supportive and comfortable.

Featured Product: Silentnight Breathable Anti Allergy Mattress Enhancer

This particularly great anti allergy topper is filled with luxurious hollowfibre, providing the sort of comfort and support you’d expect from any other quality synthetic filling.

The middle layer of this topper offers great ventilation which gives the material a breathable quality, whilst also being soft and warm, so it is great all year round.

For Your Back: This topper is durable and comfortable, but doesn’t quite have the thickness and support of other toppers. Ultimately great for anyone working on a smaller budget.


Duck & Down Feather

Much like goose feathers, duck and down feathers are known as somewhat of a luxury filling.

Not only do these provide plenty of support to your back and neck because of there softness, but because of their natural qualities they do provide a durable solution to your aging mattress.

Featured Product: Silentnight Duck Feather & Down Mattress Topper

This lovely, thick mattress topper is a brilliant and cost effective option for anyone looking for a luxury filling such as duck and down.

The thickness and softness (85% duck, 15% down) of this topper will make you forget the feel of your mattress altogether.

On top of all the usual duck and down positives, this particular product also comes with a 100% cotton cover which has been treated with an anti-bacterial substance, making it extra great for allergy sufferers.

For Your Back: Much like the previous goose feather filled topper, this product is durable, soft and supportive, and is a great natural option for extra back support. 



Hollowfibre is one of, if not the most popular choices of mattress toppers because it offers both a range of prices, from more expensive to more affordable options and is very comfortable

Because it is a man made substance, it is much easier to create a variation of thickness, something which is key when it comes to supporting your back.

Featured Product: Silentnight Supreme Mattress Topper

This particular synthetic topper is made from 100% polyester hollowfibre with a 100% microfibre quilted breathable cover.

Its thickness is towards the top end of mattress toppers which obviously creates a sizable distance between you and your mattress.

For Your Back: The sheer distance and softness this offers between you and your mattress means that your neck and back has plenty of extra support.


Memory Foam 

A filling growing in popularity no matter which part of bedding it is used, memory foam has become known as the best available filling for mattress toppers for back and neck support.

Exactly as it sounds, as pressure (you lying down) is applied to the bedding, it moulds perfectly to the contours of your body, which works brilliantly if you are looking for extra support for your back or neck.

Without being as soft or alternating as a waterbed, a memory foam topper or mattress holds its shape and provides great support, warmth and comfort.

Featured Product: Silentnight Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper – 5cm

This great, ultra thick (5cm) memory foam mattress is the perfect example of the difference a topper can make to the comfort and support of your current mattress.

The thickness gives the topper plenty of depth to cushion your body and give your back all of the necessary comforting your mattress perhaps no longer does.

For Your Back: Probably the best option for anyone who is particularly concerned about their neck and back. Memory foam is regarded as the best for a reason, so if you like getting the best you can buy, this should be your first choice. 



More commonly associated with linings than fillings, we all know just how incredibly soft silk can be.

Silk mattress toppers are perfect if you feel your current mattress is a touch firm, as it will give you give you that unrivalled softness.

Featured Product: Luxury Silk Filled Wool Fleece Mattress Enhancer 

This total luxury mattress topper combines the incredibly soft filling of silk with the perfect soft to the touch wool cover.

It is filled with 100% 200gsm Mulbery Silk, and is on the thin side of things when it comes to mattress toppers.

For Your Back: While it is incredibly soft and therefore comfortable, it doesn’t offer much in the way of support because silk just isn’t that kind of material. If you are looking to improve a particularly firm mattress then this is a great choice, but if you suffer from back pain, you might be better choosing a foam mattress. 


What’s best for you?

No one knows quite what makes you feel comfortable in bed like you do. If you don’t particularly suffer from back pain and enjoy a softer topper, then perhaps a silk or natural feather topper might be best suited.

On the other hand, if you are concerned you aren’t quite getting the support your back or neck needs but you can quite splash out on a full mattress right now, perhaps it’s worth looking into a memory foam topper as they can provide the best support for you.

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