The Best Pillow For Under £10

pillows-under-10We are really pleased to hear the great feedback we get from our customers here at Sleepy People. We regularly get messages from customers pleased with their shopping experience and the great bedding products that they bought. A recent message commented on how easy it was to find great bedding even when on a modest budget. This got us thinking of ways to could make a big improvement your night’s sleep for a relatively small amount – say £10.

We chose to look for pillows that fell into the price band of £10 or under. Our website makes it easy to sort products by price – simply visit the pillows category and choose the £0 – £9.99 filter and the website will do all the hard work for you. Read on to see our favourite pillows for under £10.

Best For Allergies

Anti-allergy pillows make a big difference to people who have dust based allergies. Made from non-allergenic material and containing man-made fibre fillings, anti-allergy pillows are usually machine washable making it easy to keep them bacteria and dust free. Representing outstanding value for money and quality the Silentnight Anti-Allergy 2 Pack was our choice. Yes, that’s 2 anti-allergy pillows for less than £10.


Best For Firm Pillow Fans

If you prefer a pillow that immediately springs back to shape, with a firm and supportive feel, you’ll love the Snug Ultrabounce Pillow 2 Pack. These pillows will offer great support night after night.


For A Warmer Or Cooler Pillow

Many people find that their sleep is disturbed by pillows that are too hot or too cold. Using the latest materials and fillings, pillows such as the Silentnight Thermal Winter Pillow or the Silentnight Cooler Summer Pillow 2 Pack will help you rest at a temperature that’s just right.


For A Quieter Night

This pillow will be appreciated as much by your partner as it is by you. The Bedcrest Snorban Pillow is designed to support the neck and head, keeping an open airway, thus helping eliminate snoring. For snorers (and their partners) this may be the best bedding purchase you ever make and represents great value for money at under £10.


Designer Cotton Comfort

One of the leading names on the UK fashion scene, Jeff Banks has produced a fabulous range of bedding and pillows. The Jeff Banks Pure Luxury Egyptian Cotton Pillow provides a soft, cool and breathable place to rest your head.


Sound Asleep

For those who to drift off to sleep with their favourite music, the Sound Asleep Pillow will be the perfect choice. Featuring a speaker in its base and a plug to connect your mp3 player you can listen to your favourite music without needing to wear headphones. What’s more because the speaker is in the base of the pillow, you’ll be able to hear the music or your audiobook without disturbing your sleep partner.

These pillows are our personal favourites, but represent a small sample of the great value for money pillows here at Sleepy People. At the time of writing we have over 30 pillows in the £0 – £9.99 range. Why not visit our pillows page and check them out today?