The Best Pillows for Stomach / Front Sleepers

We all have different sleep positions, with the majority of us sleeping either on our back, or our side.

And despite it being considered the worst position for good sleep, around one in five of us sleep on our front (stomach).

While it’s advisable to try and change your sleep position, we understand that that’s perhaps easier said than done.

However, buying the right pillow can go a long way to making things a bit easier if you are a stomach sleeper.


What’s wrong with stomach sleeping?

The issue is that sleeping on your stomach means your head gets unnaturally pushed upward by your pillow into an awkward angle.

Your head is also forced to face one way or another, which means that your neck and spine are unnaturally twisted out of position.

Ideally, your spine, head and neck should all be perfectly lined up in what we call a ‘neutral’ alignment.

Stomach sleeping can also cause other issues, such as increased pressure on certain muscles, wrinkles, indigestion and even saggy breasts!

Having said this, sleeping on your stomach can actually help you stop snoring, as it creates a much more stable breathing passage, so at least there is one benefit to it!


What can be done?

Like we said, the ideal solution would be to sleep on your side or back, but it can be very difficult to break the habit, especially if that’s what you’ve found to be most comfortable over the years.

Another option which may help but that isn’t likely to go down well is to sleep with no pillow at all.

This will create a much more neutral position and line up your neck and back, but will probably feel a bit strange and uncomfortable.

The next best thing is to buy a low lying pillow that elevates your head as little as possible.

We have a great range of front sleeper pillows, so which do we recommend?


Our picks

Silentnight Goose Down Pillow

One of our favourite pillows for front sleepers is this goose down pillow from Silentnight.

Down and goose feather are among the most luxurious pillow fillings, and this is no different.

These types of pillow can often look like they might be too high for a stomach sleeper because they look so fluffed up, but because the filling is quite malleable they can easily be pushed down to make them more suitable.

The softness of these pillows means you sink right into them, giving you the ultimate comfort.

They aren’t overly filled either which is great for stomach sleepers as it means that your head won’t be pushed backwards.

They’re also fairly mouldable, so you can move the feathers around as you wish and they will also spring back into their original position after use.


Silentnight Cotton Pillow

This pack of six pillows come with a cotton cover and a hollowfibre filling. Hollowfibre refers to strands of polyester which are tiny fibres a bit like hair.

Again, this results in a nice soft filling which will allow your head to drop down to a more natural level, but the hollowfibre filling still provides plenty of support.

They’re not overly filled, so should be great for stomach sleepers, but also have a range of other benefits.

The cotton covers are naturally breathable too which will keep your head nice and cool, and they’re also non-allergenic is you suffer from sniffles.


Silentnight The Perfect Pillow

They don’t call this one the perfect pillow for nothing! What we love about this one is that it’s customisable with three different inner pads.

These hollowfibre fillings are 150gm, 250gm and 350gm and allow you to choose as much or as little filling as you require in seven different combinations.

This means that the pillow can also be filled up more if being used by a guest or another family member who perhaps doesn’t sleep on their side and wants that little bit of extra support.

This is especially great for front sleepers as it allows you to experiment and see what kind of firmness works for you.

The pads are covered with a quilted 100% microfibre cover which zips open and closed so you can easily adjust your fillings.


Sound Asleep Original Speaker Pillow

If you want something a little bit different or perhaps as a gift, but that still gives all the benefits of a stomach sleeping pillow, why not have a look at the Sound Asleep speaker pillow?

As well as being made with luxurious hollowfibre filling which allows your head to lie in a neutral position, this pillow actually comes with an embedded speaker in it.

This is great if you like to listen to music or perhaps audiobooks before going to sleep, and simply plugs straight into your music player, phone or radio.



If you’ve got no choice but to sleep on your stomach, you may as well make the most it by purchasing the right pillow.

In general, you’re looking for a very thin and soft pillow, and in terms of material you’ll probably want something soft like feather, down or a synthetic filling.

One other piece of advice we’d offer is to possibly buy another pillow not for your neck, but to place under your hips.

This will hopefully straighten out the curvature of your spine a little, so this is something to experiment with to see if it helps.

Make sure to do your research no matter which pillow you buy, and make sure that it’s nice and soft and elevates your head and neck as little as possible.

Of course, this needs to be balanced out with a decent level of support, and of course it needs to be comfy for you!