The Difference Between Microfibre and Hollowfibre Duvets


If your grandparents thought even for a moment that you slept under anything other than a natural filled goose feather or down duvet, they’d be in shock! Previous generations knew nothing but pillows and duvets which used only natural fillings, however in recent years, we’ve seen the developed and introduction to the market of a range of synthetic fillings. Many of us, however, have absolutely no idea as to what the difference between these is and, as such, below we’re going to take a look at the difference between microfibre and hollowfibre duvets.

Hollowfibre Duvets

As you had perhaps guessed, hollowfibre duvets get their name due to the fact that they’re made from fibres which have space between their knotting. The ‘hollow’ space between the fibres helps to ensure that the duvet is breathable and also means it’s higher than many other comparable duvets filled with alternative  synthetic fillings. If you want a warm yet breathable and light duvet, you simply can’t go wrong with a hollow fibre duvet and you’ll find a great range available within our Silentnight duvets range.

You’ll find a number of different hollowfibre duvets on the market which can often be confusing, however it’s important that, above all else, you choose one which is high quality and which will last for many years.

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Microfibre Duvets

Whereas traditional hollowfibre duvets are made from a filling which has fibres with hollow space between them, microfibre duvets have very fine fibres which are tightly woven and without the hollow space. Microfibre duvets offer the ultimate warmth due to their tightly packed fibres and you’ll find that most come treated with an anti-allergy coating which will ensure they’re the perfect choice for those suffering from allergies. Of course, microfibre duvets are also lightweight compared to natural filled duvets and are one of the most popular synthetic fillings currently on the market. Microfibre provides warmth without the weight and as such, duvets with a microfibre filling can be very light yet warm. In many cases, microfibre duvets will feel just like down (Silentnight even do their own Just Like Down duvet) yet are much more lighter and easier to sleep under.

Microfibre is the lightest and finest synthetic fibre available as a duvet filling and offers you that extra soft and extremely cosy feeling. If you’ve always had a natural-filled duvet but fancy a change, your best bet is to go for a microfibre one.

As opposed to one being better than the other, the whole ‘Microfibre vs Hollowfibre’ debate isn’t one which has a simple answer and it’s generally just down to personal preference.

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Whether you’re considering a synthetic filled duvet do to suffering from allergies or you’re simply wanting to try sleeping under a lighter yet equally warm a duvet when compared to a natural-filled one, the difference between hollowfibre and microfibre duvets generally comes down to personal preference – both are great it’s just a case of what works best for you. From single duvets and double duvets through to king size duvets, you’ll find it all available from