The New “Smart Bed” Which Will Track You 24/7

The CES technology trade show in Las Vegas last week saw a whole host of exciting new technologies in a number of different fields, but there was one in particular that stuck out for sleep nerds like us.

The “it” bed by Sleep Number will not only track your behaviour while you sleep, but will also keep an eye on what you’re up to during the day, all with the aim of optimising your sleep experience.


The bed will utilise Sleep Number’s “SleepIQ” technology which claims to track your entire body hundreds of times a second, taking into account your heart rate, breathing, and movement using a sophisticated set of biometric scanners.

The bed then connects to your phone or tablet either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to track you throughout the day, and the company hopes that in the future it may be able to connect to other connected tech such as fitness bands and thermostats.

While biometric technology has been on the rise in general for the last few years (you may have seen news of a biometric “smart bra” this week!), this is the first time we’ve seen it being used to track your daytime activities to help you sleep.


The bed will use your eating, exercising, and sleeping routines to adjust its firmness to suit you, as well suggesting ways you can get a better night’s sleep.

For example, if the app recognises that you like a regular cup of coffee late at night, it may suggest cutting down to improve your sleep, or if you’ve got a busy day ahead, it may give you an alert reminding you to get an early night.

People are already using health apps to track their nutritional and fitness data, and its great to see that similar technology is being used to find out more about how we sleep.


The new technology will be sent out to those who already own SleepIQ mattresses via a software update later this year, although the “it” bed is still a little way off production.

Sleep Number hope to roll out the mattresses in a whole range of sizes and thickness in the US toward the end of 2016, starting at a price of $1,000 for a queen size.

Unfortunately, there is no news on when we will see this kind of tech here in the UK, but here at Sleepy People we’ll keep an eye on developments and be sure to keep you up to date on our blog.