The Surprising Sleep Habits Of The Rich & Famous

Did you know that both Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci both saw sleep as a waste of time, sleeping no more than three hours each over a 24 hour period? How about that, almost at the opposite end of the spectrum, Winston Churchill always made sure he got at least seven hours a night.

When you start to study the sleep habits of the rich and famous, you quickly see how some clearly thought that there is / was better ways to spend their time than in bed whilst others saw the importance of getting a great night’s sleep.

Whilst we all know all too well that we’re ‘meant’ to get eight hours sleep a night, in many instances, there simply isn’t enough hours in the day! We recently took a look at how you can ‘Sleep Your Way To Success‘ however have put their own spin on this, putting together a fantastic infographic which looks at the specific sleep habits of some of the richest and most famous individuals.

In addition to looking at how long each one sleeps / slept over a 24 hour period, what is even more interesting is their sleep patterns, with some almost swearing by power naps throughout the day or split sleep sessions.


What’s your sleep pattern? Do you truly believe that you can sleep your way to success or are you of the opinion that there’re better things to do than sleep?