The Ultimate Guide To A Smart Bedroom

A few different things affect whether or not you get a blissful night’s sleep, from whether you have the right pillows for your sleeping position, to the temperature of your bedroom, and much more. 

But now there is a whole host of gadgets available to take your bedroom to the next level and take care of every aspect of your sleeping experience from tracking your sleeping patterns to waking you gently in the morning, and much more.

In this guide we will run you through the devices that are out there, that can make your life a whole lot easier.  


Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is far more than a wireless speaker, and you are likely familiar with Alexa’s voice activated features as the device has been on the market for a while now. But if you don’t already own one, you may be wondering why you need one for your bedroom. 

With the Echo’s ability to control your smart home, it pairs with many of the other smart devices in this guide, as well as those around your home, and having your Echo in your bedroom is a great way to make help your morning run smoothly before you even get out of bed! 

For example, you can ask Alexa to turn on the coffee machine so that you have a freshly brewed coffee ready and waiting for you, set the temperature of your bedroom or home to make it more comfortable for you to get ready in the morning, find out the weather for the day so that you can plan your outfits, and many more super helpful things. 


Philips Hue

Set the mood, wake up gently, and light your bedroom in any way you can imagine with the various smart lighting solutions from Philips Hue. 

It’s possible through lamps, bulbs, strip lights, or a combination of them all to create unique lighting conditions and take your bedroom ambience to the next level. You can even set them up so that you don’t need a separate sunrise lamp, for a gentle and natural wake up call. 

This article from Medium gives some great inspiration for different placement ideas, many of which would be great in the bedroom. Oh, and of course it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. 


Ikea Nordli Wireless Charging Table

Nothing makes a room look messy like visible cables, and your phone charger is no exception. While it is often necessary to plug your phone in next to your bed while you sleep, particularly if you use it as an alarm, that means the charging cable will need to go somewhere.

One stylish solution to this problem is the Nordli Wireless Charging Table from Ikea. The simple Scandi style will look great in any room, and the built in wireless charger means you can simply place your phone on your bedside table and let it charge without any unsightly cables (if your phone doesn’t support wireless charging you can buy compatible cases from Ikea that provide this functionality).


SleepPhones Wireless Headphones

If you have difficulty getting to sleep and rely on white noise or soothing music to get to sleep, using headphones is not the most comfortable solution. Getting tangled in the wires is not relaxing, and if you sleep on your side you may find it uncomfortable to have in-ear headphones in.

The SleepPhones wireless headphones offer a great solution to this as they are simply a headband that you wear with built in speakers. You can even wear them to cover your eyes if you need to block out the light! 


Sound Asleep Original Speaker Pillow

If you find it too uncomfortable to wear anything at all on your head while you sleep, we sell the Sound Asleep Original Speaker Pillow here at Sleepy People, which is a really affordable alternative!

Not only do you not need to wear anything, but you can adjust the volume and be sure that you won’t disturb your partner.


Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

This gadget is an incredibly smart way to keep the air in your bedroom pure, and just the right temperature, as it’s a bit of an all in one air purifier, fan, and heater.

It automatically removes pollen, bacteria, harmful gases, and pet dander, as well as removing odours which can give you complete peace of mind that the air in your room isn’t harming you or causing you allergies as you sleep.

You can also stay cool in summer, and warm in the winter, with the powerful stream of purified air quickly changing the temperature of the room.

There is also a focused mode, or a diffused mode if you want to heat the whole room, as well as a night time mode that will not disturb you while you sleep.


Improving your sleep

When it comes to tracking and improving your actual sleep, there’s a whole host of gadgets out there from actual mattresses to wearables, and we covered these recently in our roundup of the best sleep gadgets to try in 2017 which you can find here!



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