Tips for getting your little ones off to sleep

Its never an easy time trying to get your little ones off to sleep, especially when they are restless or have a fear of missing out. Thankfully, there are certain steps you can take to help your kids drift off to sleep naturally and peacefully.

In this blog posting, we will explore some top tips for getting your little ones off to sleep quickly and naturally.


Create a Routine

It may sound simple, but creating a bedtime routine and lights out time helps encourage a more natural sleep. Once your little ones are used to the structure and routine, their brains will subconsciously associate the routine with falling asleep. Structure is great for a child and it doesn’t even take long to implement, start by setting a lights out time and look to create pre-bedtime activities which help get them ready for bed.

You can even incorporate some fun and learning into their bedtime routine, whether that’s a bedtime story, a game whilst cleaning their teeth, or anything else which will help get them ready for bed without them realising!


Limit Pre-Bed Screen Time

Research has shown that blue light, emitted from televisions, smartphones and computer screens can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is an important part of the sleep-wake cycle, which helps regulate when you are tired.

Just half an hour of using a screen before bed can disrupt the melatonin supply and keep your child awake for up to two extra hours! Make their bedroom a screen-free zone, or at least set times when screens within their bedrooms cannot be used.


Do a Winddown Activity

A winddown activity can be incorporated into a routine, or just something you do before getting your littles ones ready for bed. The activity should be calm and soothing, getting them ready to be relaxed. This could be as simple as a bedtime story, or an activity to get them upstairs ready for bed – try challenging your child to get to their bedroom as quietly as possible!


Invest in Comfy Bedding

Once your child is relaxed and ready for bed, the next stage is sleeping.

They are more likely to want to go to sleep if they are cosy and snug, which may require new comfy bedding. Here at sleepy people, we offer a great range of comfy bedding for all ages. All of our products are made with a high-quality thread count and 100% cotton to ensure extra comfiness.


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