Top Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

It can sometimes be hard getting a great night’s sleep, especially since we all lead such busy lives. But getting a great night’s sleep can make improve your mood, cognitive and health. For these reasons, here at Sleepy People, we’ve put together our top tips for getting a great night’s sleep.


Get into a Routine

Perhaps one of the easiest and simplest tips to implement; getting into a bedtime routine. We all have our morning routing for getting ready and going to work, so why don’t we all have a bedtime routing as well?

Setting a bedtime, and sticking to it, is vitally important for improving sleep quality. It allows you to set aside the recommended seven to eight hours a night for sleep, and helps regulate your body’s internal clock for optimised sleep quality.

Choose a bedtime when you usually feel tired, turn off the lights and set an alarm for 7 to 8 hours later. If you’re getting enough sleep, you should wake up naturally before your alarm, feeling refreshed and ready for the day.


Avoid Blue Light!

Research has shown that blue light, emitted from our smartphones and other screens can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is an important chemical in the sleep-wake cycle, which helps your body regulate when you are tired.

Many of us fall victim to sleeping with the TV on, or scrolling through Facebook just before bed – but this can serious impact your night’s sleep, leaving you feeling groggy and tired in the morning. Try turning all electrical items with a screen off, at least one hour before and notice the difference to your sleep it makes!


Allow Time to Unwind

If you are working or have been busy just before bed, you may have experienced trouble nodding off to sleep. This is because our bodies need time to unwind. In the same way we need to cool down after a workout, our brains needs time to relax and process the day’s activities before we sleep.


Sleep in the Perfect Bed

It is no secret that a comfy bed helps you fall asleep, so if your bed is looking a little bit worse for wear – then why not by some bedding items to revitalise your bed? We stock a range of fabulous bedding items, from mattress toppers which can transform your old mattress, to snug duvets which are perfect to wrap yourself up in.