Mattress Protector or Mattress Topper: Which Should You Buy?

Mattress protectors and mattress toppers both offer great benefits to your bed and night’s sleep. But determining which one is right for you can be a bit confusing.

Mattress protectors are there to keep your mattress as clean and as hygienic as possible. They absorb our natural body oils which can seep out whilst we sleep – keeping your duvet and mattress clean. These washable mattress protectors can be waterproof, offer additional comfort, or just provide protection for your mattress from you.

Mattress toppers are there to revitalise old mattresses, providing additional comfort and support that can help alleviate back pain, provide a certain level of protection for the mattress and offer a more comfortable night’s sleep.


How to choose which one to buy?

This is obviously very much dependant on your situation.

If you are prone to perspiring, accidents or are just relatively clumsy in bed – then a mattress protector is for you! Even if your mattress is looking a little bit worse for wear, there are mattress protectors that also offer additional comfort like this Quilted Mattress Protector by Silentnight.

For individuals more concerned with protecting their mattress from spills of accidents, then look no further than the Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector by Silentnight. This protector offers you a reassuring night’s sleep which can effectively withstand liquids and spills.

If you are more concerned with comfort, support for your back, or warmth – then it is more likely a mattress topper is for you! Mattress toppers can still offer protection from your mattress, but this is not their primary function.


Mattress toppers are great for breathing new life into your old mattress, adding an additional layer of comfort and support that makes the mattress feel like-new. The Supreme Mattress Topper by Silentnight is a great example of this, engulfing the old mattress to give the bed a new lease of life.

For individuals more concerned with support for their back, then look no further than the Posturepedic Classic Mattress Enhancer by Sealy. This luxury mattress topper adapts to your body shape and provides pressure relief on joints for a deeper and more restful night’s sleep.

Here at Sleepy People, we stock a great range of both Mattress Protectors and Mattress Toppers.