Treat Yourself To A New Duvet For Less Than £20

duvets-for-under-20With spring well and truly here and the weather getting warmer by the day, you’re probably starting to think about taking off your winter duvet and putting a lower tog rating one on for the coming months. Whilst this is common place (and something which comes strongly suggested), have you checked the condition of the duvet you’re about to put on?

If it’s been a few years since you replaced it, it could well be time to treat yourself to a new duvet this spring and you’ll be pleased to know that with Sleepy People, you can do so for less than £20 without needing to compromise on quality.
We’ve put together below our top three duvets for under £20, looking specifically at products within our range of Silentnight duvets. You’ll likely know the brand and know how they produce nothing short of affordable quality and, as such, why we’re proud to feature the range here!


1. Silentnight Microclimate Duvet – 10.5 Tog – £19.99

From just £19.99 you can treat yourself to a lovely Silentnight Microclimate duvet. You’ll stay super cool all summer long with this high-quality hollowfibre duvet which will keep you comfortable and stop you from getting too warm. It’s also anti-allergy adding another benefit for a duvet which comes in at just under £20!


2. Silentnight Just Like Down Microfibre Duvet – 10.5 Tog– £15.99

This sumptuously soft Silentnight Just Like Down Microfibre duvet offers all round luxury from a brand you can trust, starting at just £15.99! That’s right, for less than the cost of a main course at your local restaurant you could treat yourself to a luxurious duvet which feels just like down. Perfect for those who need a synthetic duvet due to allergies but still want one which feels like a natural filled one.


3. Silentnight Bounce Back Duvet – 10.5 Tog – £16.99 

Starting at just £16.99, this Silentnight Bounce Back duvet is overfilled with spring-like fibres, giving it an extra bounce and an extra level of comfort. If you purchase this duvet you’ll find that it bounces back and regains its lovely lofty shape each morning ensuring you get a great comfortable night’s sleep each and every night! At less than £20, who can argue?


4. Silentnight Deep Sleep Duvet – 10.5 Tog – £18.99

This gorgeous luxury duvet is generously filled with soft, spring-like hollowfibre which provides a premium level of comfort at an affordable price. With a super soft microfibre cover and 100% hollowfibre filling, you can be sure to get a great night’s sleep which keeps you both warm and comfortable – all for just £18.99.


5. Silentnight Supersleep Duvet – 10.5 Tog – £14.99

If you love to be warm and cosy even through the summer months, try this lovely Silentnight Supersleep duvet which starts at just £14.99. Whilst at the bottom end of budgets, you certainly wouldn’t think so sleeping under one of these and they’re an absolute bargain! You’ll be sure to get a great night’s sleep without needing to break the bank.


Whilst we’ve featured just five fantastic duvets, all of which are available for less than £20, we have, at the time of writing, almost 70 duvets which can be bought for less than £20, all of which can be seen here.


What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a new duvet today … you know you want to!