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Say hello to the Snugsie – the latest winter must-have from Silentnight. They are a quick and easy way to get warm and cosy on cold evenings.

Here are a few reasons why we are all seriously obsessed with Silentnight Snugsies this season.

As seen on your favourite influencers

Our best-selling Snugsie have been featured on some of your faves including Queen of the Jungle, Vicky Pattison and social media superstar, Molly Mae. 

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Get cosy on festive nights in

There are more ways to keep warm than just piling on all the blankets. Say hello to the wearable blanket that can be worn at home or on the go.

Save on your winter heating bills

Our Snugsies are not only giving all of the cute and cosy vibes this season, but it also happens to be our favourite way to keep warm during the coldest months of the year. 

Right now, all we want to do is snuggle up and keep warm. But with energy bills on the rise, reaching for the thermostat comes at a cost. We’ve got you covered with all you need to keep snug for less. Enter the humble Snugsie!

Which Snugsie is right for you?


1. Silentnight Snugsie Oversized Hoodie

Our Silentnight Snugsie Oversized Hoodie is perfect for snuggling up on cold nights. This sumptuously soft and cosy hoodie is cuddly comfort at its best. Featuring a soft flannel fleece outer and a warm Sherpa fleece lining. The supersized hoodie has been designed for ultimate cosiness.

It also features elasticated sleeves which add extra comfort so you can feel snug as a bug. 

Wear it whilst snuggling on the sofa, working from home or entertaining friends – this cosy hoodie works for every occasion!

2. Silentnight Snugsie Giant Blanket

Our Silentnight Snugsie Giant Blanket is the ultimate snuggly accessory for your home. It is a sumptuously soft, cuddly comfort to keep you warm and cosy as you relax.

The blanket is super-sized for ultimate comfort, measuring 180 x 240cm which is bigger than a king-size bed. AKA room for all the family! 

Perfect for snuggling on the sofa, movie nights, staying cosy in bed or just keeping warm on chilly nights. It’s also fully machine washable so you can keep it feeling clean and fresh.

3. Silentnight Snugsie Wearable Blanket

Have you ever wanted to be wrapped in your very own giant snuggly, cosy and soft blanket? Well, now you can! 

The Silentnight Snugsie is an oversized blanket that has been designed to be worn like a coat or dressing gown. It comes with sleeves so that the wearer can wear it like a jumper or cardigan. It also transforms back into a cushion.

What is a wearable blanket?

A wearable blanket looks similar to a poncho or cape, but has sleeves and can be worn over regular clothing. These blankets are made using soft fabric which helps you stay warm without the bulkiness of traditional bedding.

How does the Snugsie work?

The Snugsie is designed to keep you snug over your clothes. You simply slip it on over your head like a coat before going to bed or for a movie night on the sofa.

Ready to level up your cosy game?

If you’re looking for a new blanket to keep you warm, look no further than our range of Snugsies. It comes in a variety of styles and colours so there’s something for everyone.


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