Wearing Socks in Bed – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Despite the myriad of forms socks take these days, the rainbow of colours and plethora of designs they bear, there is and has always been something about socks that leaves many of us with cold feet. From pairing socks with sandals to wearing them in the bedroom, for millions of us socks are more of a ‘passion killer’ than a ‘power garment’. That is, whilst a dress or suit can make us feel on top of the world, socks seem to either go unnoticed (at best) or be a source of embarrassment (when we’re caught actually daring to wear those novelty neon striped ones we were given at Christmas) at worst.


This might all be about to change though and since a recent report made by the Global Council on Brain Health uncovered some rather interesting correlations between those who wear their socks to bed, and those who slip into bed bare footed. The Global Council on Brain Health, as reported via the West Australian News website article: Wearing socks in bed may keep you sharp, have suggested the use of bed socks to quite simply prevent cold feet which is a problem that is not always caused by an inadequately heated room or bed.


A number of factors can cause cold feet. Inactivity whilst we are in bed and / or sleeping causes our heart rate to drop. Consequently, our blood can circulate less efficiently which can result in our extremities becoming chilly. A number of health issues can also cause cold feet through affecting circulation and / or a person’s ability to regulate their body temperature. Some common conditions that can do this include diabetes and Raynaud syndrome which causes arteries to spasm and narrow reducing general blood flow. Meanwhile being a smoker, elderly or having a poor level of general and overall fitness can all also increase the chances of being disturbed whilst trying to nod off or remain asleep by getting literal cold feet.


Whilst advising the use of bed socks to improve the quality of people’s sleep might seem a little silly or trivial, there is certainly nothing trivial about the long list of short and as well long term problems sleep deprivation can cause. Not when this list includes an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity, high blood pressure and mental illness as well as a decrease in cognitive functioning, libido and alertness. Then, and in conclusion, if cold feet are or could be the cause of your restless nights and you were given the choice to don bed socks or face an increased risk of suffering life threatening conditions in the future, if not right now, what would you choose?


For those who came to the same conclusion as the team here at Sleepy People, you might want to pay the Seriously Silly Socks website a visit. Meanwhile, for even more ideas as to how to improve your sleeping habits and get a better night’s kip, keep reading the Sleepy People Blog.