What bugs lurk in your bedding?

To raise awareness of the creepy crawlies that can lurk in your bedroom we’ve made this infographic highlighting the problem, dangers and preventions of dust mites within UK households.

As many people are unaware of the near microscopic creatures that thrive within many people’s beds, a dust mite infestation can create health problems and trigger many allergy based ailments including asthma.

Find out more about these little pesky creatures, and how you can prevent them below:



This infographic has been brought to you by Sleepy People

The Bedding Company offer a wide range of anti-allergy bedding, which can aid a more restful sleep for those that suffer from eczema and asthma. Anti-allergy bedding creates a barrier between you and the mites – this prevents your body moisture and skin particles from reaching them, which ensures they have less food to feast on! We also stock bedding with anti-bacterial properties which can help stop the growth of the essential bacteria that the dust mite relies on.