What Happens To Your Brain When You Don’t Get A Great Night’s Sleep?

Here at, we’re the last people who you need to remind about the importance of getting a great night’s sleep. After all, we market ourselves as being THE place to get everything you need for a great sleep each and every night.

What happens, however, when you don’t get a great sleep? Not necessarily just once, but on a regular basis? We all know how important sleep is but in reality, very few of us know the consequence of burning the candle at both ends. As such, when we came across a fantastic infographic put together by Mic, we simply had to share it and give our own thoughts surrounding the findings!



What initially stood out to us is the fact that when we’re sleep deprived, we not only run the risk of losing long-term memories but also that our brains fail to encode memories properly, leading to false memories of events and occurrences.

What isn’t perhaps so surprising, on the other hand, is the fact that sleep deprivation makes us angry, making us focus on negative experiences, to misinterpret others and generally let ourselves become emotionally volatile. On the other hand, slurred speech is something we’re all aware of after a bad night’s sleep (see – it’s not always the drink talking!) as well as impaired wit, the danger of making risky decisions, a feeling of us having our heads in the cloud and even brain damage!

That’s right! A lack of sleep can cause brain damage. Read that again … a lack of sleep can cause brain damage! If that hasn’t encouraged you to head to bed an hour earlier tonight, we don’t know what will. All-nighters are known to kill brain cells and more specifically the brain stem, causing damage which is now thought to be irreparable.

At the end of the day, some of the potential risks of sleep deprivation are shocking and should encourage us all to do our best to get that extra hours sleep…before midnight!

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