What Is Memory Foam & What Are its Benefits For A Great Night’s Sleep

Space aged, developed by NASA, a newer generation solution to back ache, super fast recovery foam…or ‘memory foam’ as most know it, was first developed some fifty years ago by NASA to accommodate and insulate astronauts and so prevent the shock of their rockets from causing them harm or injury during take off.


What Is Memory Foam?

To get technical, modern day memory foam used most frequently in the design and creation of medical and domestic equipment is at its heart polyurethane which has been supplemented with specific chemicals in order to increase both its viscosity and as well its density.


The Uses of Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the newest and now most popular materials used today and is perhaps most well known as used to create pillows, mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers.

The result of introducing certain chemicals ( in a safe and controlled manner) to polyurethane is that it creates high density memory foam which responds and yields somewhat in response to both body weight and the heat given off by human bodies, making its brilliantly suitable as a supportive material when creating bedding items and products.

Further, this ‘new age’ and ‘miracle’ material because of its distinct, unique and quite special features and attributes is actually used to create a whole host of other things too, from shoe insoles to body armour. Suffice to say, the uses memory foam is put to are far reaching, diverse and growing.


The Benefits of Memory Foam

In contrast to the myriad of uses memory foam is today being put to and which are growing daily, the unifying feature of every item created from or made using memory foam is almost exclusively the desire to maximise comfort.

As such, another use memory foam is widely used for is in the creation of and even now the development of medical equipment such as hospital mattresses and pillows. Further, because memory foam has been recognised as a material so well suited for maximising the comfort of those experiencing physical ailments such as back pain, neck aches and injuries, it has quickly become a favoured material with which to create bedding supplies which can be readily purchased by and are created for everybody, and not just those unfortunate enough to end up in hospital.

See for yourself some of the numerous memory foam products we stock here at Sleepy People, to get shopping and start benefitting from memory foam yourself. After all, if it can cushion an astronaut during a rocket lift off, the question isn’t can it revitalise your existing mattress or provide your head and neck with some much needn’t support, but why haven’t you already discovered memory foam and its many benefits?