What To Take To Uni?

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or returning for another year, it’s easy to forget some important things when it comes to packing for university. Starting the new term right and enjoying the comforts of home when you’re away is a must. First on the list is bedding!

Uni students need to get some good quality sleep. Not only does sleep help you think better, remember things, and solve problems, it also boosts your mood and helps reduce stress levels. Let’s face it, that’s super helpful when you’re studying. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can be tough to focus and get things done efficiently. So, make sure you’ve got a comfy bed and cosy bedding to help you get the rest you need.

We’ve put together a list of university essentials to help you out, so you can settle into your new home away from home.

University Checklist

Creating a checklist for your student room before starting university is super important! It’ll make sure you don’t leave anything behind and have all the essentials for a cosy and productive space. Plus, it will help you stay on budget and avoid buying things you don’t need. So, take some time to make a university checklist.

University Essentials

First and foremost, you’ll need a comfortable mattress to ensure a good night’s rest. Student accommodations often provide one, so focus on making it more comfortable.  For ultimate freshness and comfort, consider using a mattress topper for extra support and a soft, breathable protector to keep your mattress clean, hygienic and prolong its lifespan.

Snuggling up under a comfy duvet at Uni feels like a warm hug after a long day of classes and studying. A 10.5 tog option is a great all year round choice, our bestselling Silentnight Deep Sleep Duvet is a great option. Or a coverless duvet set offers convenience and comfort, the sewn on printed cover means you get a duvet and duvet cover in one, try the Silentnight Coverless Duvet Set. As for pillows there are so many choices, its important you find the right one for you. Everyone has their unique pillow preferences, so no one pillow will work for all. Take a look at our blog on “What Are The Best Pillows”, for our top tips.

Equally important is choosing the right bed linen. A set of cosy bed sheets and pillowcases are a must, fitted sheets are super easy to use and fit to your mattress. Opt for materials like cotton or microfibre that are breathable and easy to maintain. A reversible duvet set is a good idea so you can change up your bedroom look from time to time.

What to Buy for University

Bedding Bundles

Opting for a bedding bundle ensures you have everything you need in a cost-effective way.

Our Silentnight Complete Bedset Bundle is a great choice. This bundle includes 2 Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows, Deep Sleep Duvet, a Deep Sleep Mattress Topper, Deep Sleep Mattress Protector and a white Supersoft Fitted sheet. Everything you need to cuddle up and enjoy a deep sleep. Buying this bundle will leave you quid’s in as you save up to £38 vs buying individually. Win!


The Silentnight Coverless Duvet Bedding Bundle is also a great option. Not only does it include a Silentnight Deep Sleep Mattress Topper and white Supersoft Fitted sheet, but you also get a Silentnight Coverless Duvet with matching pillowcases on top. The coverless duvet makes dressing your bed a hassle-free dream as the duvet has sewn-on printed covers so there is no need for an additional duvet cover. Keeping everything clean couldn’t be easier as all these products can be popped into the washing machine.


If you’re looking for an affordable all rounder The Snug Just Right Pillows are a great comfy option. They are available in a pair or a pack of four, so you always have a spare. Each pillow is filled with eco-friendly fibres and have super soft covers.

Keeping Cosy For Less

It’s not uncommon for students in university to experience financial challenges. Juggling tuition fees, living costs, and limited income opportunities, students often are on are a tight budget. So cost effective comfort is key. Our Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blankets are popular with students. They keep your bed super cosy in colder months and are energy efficient, as they cost from just 1p to heat your bed. So you can snuggle up without putting on the heating and worrying about those energy bills. It’s a no brainer!


For ultimate cosy comfort, the Silentnight Snugsie Oversized Hoodies are every student’s dream. Sumptuously soft, cuddly comfort to keep you warm and cosy as you relax, ideal for lounging in your student halls. The hoodies feature a soft flannel fleece outer and a warm sherpa fleece inside. The hoodies are super-sized for ultimate cosiness, keeping you warm without you needing to put the heating on.

Reducing Stress

University is a lot of fun but can come with some stress and anxiety, with trying to balance coursework, deadlines, and exams as well as keeping up with extracurricular and social commitments. The act of moving out for Uni itself can also be stressful and daunting.

Our Silentnight Weighted Blankets are here to give you a great big hug. They provide calm, relaxation. The gentle pressure of a weighted blanket can simulate the feeling of being hugged or held, promoting a sense of security and relaxation, which leads to better sleep. The deep touch pressure provided by the blanket helps to ease anxiety and stress.

The Silentnight Weighted Eye Mask is a great stress reliever. Similar to the weighted blanket, this product provides deep touch pressure stimulation to ease tension headaches and anxiety, while also increasing the production of calming hormones for a more relaxing stress free sleep.

Start The New Term Right

To sum up, when considering what to pack for Uni, remember that good bedding is a must for a cosy and successful start. Sleep matters, as it helps you think clearly and reduces stress. Create a checklist, and choose comfy sheets, pillows, and a snuggly duvet. Bundles save money, and products like electric blankets are a great cost affective way to keep warm.

University can be stressful, but we’ve got solutions. Weighted blankets and weighted eye masks reduce anxiety and promote calm sleep. So, make your space comfy and prioritise your wellbeing for a successful university journey.