Which TOG For Which Season?

My inspiration to write this article came when I was adjusting the thermostat for the heating. We’re at the cross over point where it’s not quite warm enough for it to be off altogether but the heating is not needed at its winter levels. Soon it will be time to unpack the spring / summer duvet to air off before going on the bed. The actual point where I switch duvets depends on the first occurrence of my tell-tale sign that I’m too hot in bed – that is sticking one leg out from under the duvet. It probably doesn’t look too elegant, but it is effective at cooling me down.


This all got me thinking about TOG ratings and which ones apply to which season. If you have just one duvet which you use all year round you might well be missing out on the comfort that comes from switching to a duvet that’s appropriate for the season. This is especially so if you find that you have night’s where you’re too hot to sleep in summer and lie awake cold in winter.


TOG Ratings

Without getting scientific in any way a TOG rating is an indication of how warm a duvet is. The scale runs from low numbers for cooler duvets, to higher numbers for warm duvets. In the UK it’s common to see duvets of TOG 4 through to TOG 15, though the latter is an exceptionally warm duvet so slightly less common.


Spring & Autumn

As a general guide a duvet of around TOG 7 is adequate for spring and autumn use. In modern homes with good insulation, double glazing and central heating you might even opt to use an even lower tog rating. 



A duvet with a TOG rating of 4-7 should provide you with enough warmth to feel comfortable, but not be so hot to make you feel overly warm. It can be surprising just how much the temperature drops between 3 and 5am on summer mornings. If you live in an older home without the benefits of good insulation, you will want to choose a duvet from nearer the 7 end of this range. This is the case for me, so I use my second duvet for all of spring, summer and autumn.



For winter warmth it’s quite common to choose duvet of between 10.5 TOG and 13.5. For those of you who really do feel the cold, a duvet of TOG 15 might suit you better, though you may struggle to find one of these on the high street. This is where the benefit of buying duvets online at Sleepy People pays off. We stock a huge range of duvets including a good choice of duvet types at higher TOG ratings like TOG 15.


If you’ve managed all year round with one duvet, but struggled with the summer heat or the colds of winter, you’ll be amazed at the difference that changing your duvet TOG rating can make. With the power of buying online it’s not an expensive investment to make and you’ll really value the quality of sleep you get as the seasons change.