Why Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom is Important

As spring is now well and truly here, followed it seems, with a little bit of sunshine, it is now time to start spring cleaning. Though on the face of it, cleaning is something that none of us enjoys, in the end, it is something which needs to be done.

Places such as the kitchen and the living room often take cleaning priority, so it is also important that you look after your bedroom; a place where the majority of the time, you spend up to eight hours of your day.

With that in mind, here are a few hints, tips and reasons why you should give your bedroom a good thorough clean this spring.


Give your carpet a little more than a hoover

As we all know, our carpets are often simply filled with life as they represent microscopic jungles for dust mites, flea eggs and larvae. Though the last two may be less of a problem here in the UK, dust mites are pretty much widespread throughout the country.

Even though hoovering is an effective way of sucking up all the larger pieces of matter from your carpets, the truth is that even the strongest of Hoovers are relatively ineffective when it comes down to ridding carpets of dust mites.

Although the mites themselves are relatively harmless, their faecal matter causes allergic reactions in some people which can bring on asthma attacks as well as a range of other conditions.

Other than investing in hardwood flooring (a surface in which dust mites cannot survive), it is recommended that you use a dehumidifier and reduce your room temperature to 21°C to rid your carpet of mites. Doing this will deprive the mites of moisture in the air which they need to survive; a humidity below 55% is enough to do the job.


Give your pillow cases and duvet a good wash

Despite the fact that you are supposed to do this every 3-6 months anyway, spring provides the perfect excuse to give the inner workings of your bed a good clean.

Cleaning your bedding at a temperature of around 60°C is enough to kill them.

Though covers should be cleaned at least once a week, making sure that your pillows and duvets are also clean is just as important. After only six months of use, 10% of the weight of a single pillow can be made up of dust mites. If yours is 2-4 years old you should look at investing in a new set of pillows. They deteriorate quicker than duvets, and often harbour high levels of unhealthy bacteria over time.


Dust all wooden or plastic surfaces

Not only will you achieve a fresh smelling atmosphere in your bedroom, but you will also help kerb a number of airborne allergies which can be present in the dust which eventually lands on cabinets and windowsills.

Besides this, by regularly polishing your wooden furniture, you will be helping maintain its health and value, which is important if they are solid pieces of wood which can survive generations of use.