Your Guide to Specialist Pillows

Finding the right pillow could be the key that unlocks a great night’s sleep, time after time. Allowing you to relax and feel rested, buying the correct pillow can also keep aches and pains at bay. No matter what your go-to sleep position is, there is a pillow to suit your sleeping style that can ensure you feel comfortable through the night.

At Sleepy People, we hope to match you with the perfect sleep products that can enhance bed time. That’s why our range of pillows come from the leading brands such as Silentnight and Sealy. So, to make sure you look forward to being comfortable and supported through the night, take a look at our range of specialist pillows that do a great job.

Silentnight Memory Foam Impress Pillow

Memory foam is a favourite of many when it comes to bedding. This is because it can help you get to sleep soundly while the memory foam relieves pressure and back pain. Using memory foam in a pillow, such as the Silentnight Memory Foam Impress pillow, means that your head, neck and shoulders are perfectly supported. The memory foam contours to your body to provide the ultimate level of support and comfort through the night. This pillow is non allergenic and has a machine washable cover.

Studio by Silentnight Pillow

The Studio by Silentnight pillow is ideal for creating an individual sleep environment, depending on your needs. It has 3 removable pillow pads that vary in comfort, including soft, medium and firm. With these, you can create up to 7 combinations to find the comfort level that works for you. This is a great pillow no matter whether you sleep on your front, side or back. It has an anti-allergy cover and is machine washable for your convenience.

Sealy Cooltech Gel Pillow

To make sure your head and neck remains cool through the night, the Sealy Cooltech Gel pillow benefits from a cooling gel layer. This can help to keep you at a comfortable temperature during those warm nights. Made with a cotton cover, it’s a simple but brilliant design that is perfect for use in the summer; as well as being super comfortable too.

Sealy Pocket Springback Pillow

For super comfort combined with ultimate support, the Sealy Pocket Springback pillow promotes the correct positioning of your spine. This particular pillow is flexible but firm, springing back into shape after you’ve used it. It’s made using individual sprung pockets created amongst layers of memory foam, promoting air circulation to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Sealy Spinal Alignment Pillow

This particular pillow has been developed to support your head and neck, making sure that your spine is aligned properly. The Sealy Spinal Alignment pillow can help to prevent muscle strain around your neck and shoulders. What’s more, it also has a 5cm foam circular centre that has been created to encourage airflow and breathability, perfect for warm nights.

By investing in any one of these pillows, you should experience an enhanced sleep that has been improved through better support and more luxurious comfort!